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Come un gatto in tangenziale - feStivale

+ Short: The Loony Boxer

MOPA - Museum of Photographic Arts - 1649 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92103

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Short: The Loony Boxer
Paolo Strippoli, 2018, 20m

Film: Come un gatto in tangenziale/Like A Cat on A Highway
Giovanni and Monica are the most diverse people on earth. He is an intellectual who envisions social integration and lives in the historic center of Rome, while she is a former cashier of a supermarket dealing every day with the problematic and multicultural environment of her suburban neighborhood. They would never have met if their twelve-year-old kids did not get together. Now they both have a common goal: the relationship between their kids, which has the life expectancy of a cat on a highway, must come to an end! But something between them starts to change…
Riccardo Milani, Italy, 2017, 98m

Italian with English subtitles