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Comandante - feStivale 2019

+ Short: Butterflies in Berlin

MOPA - Museum of Photographic Arts - 1649 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92103

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Short: Butterflies in Berlin

Monica Manganelli, 2019, 29m

Film: Comandante 
Francesco Maisto, the director of this film’s father, was a supervising judge in Milan’s San Vittore prison during the Seventies, the years marked by political terrorism in Italy. Felice was a mechanic and has always called himself a Communist, an activist of the far-left movement Lotta Continua. What is the link between two characters so distant and different? Humanity is the common thread of this intimate and personal documentary. Its deep meaning is the research carried by the young director: his need and urge to question himself incessantly about two key figures of his childhood, on the meaning of friendship, and the image a son has of his own father.
Enrico Maisto, Italy, 2014, 70m 

Italian with English subtitles

In partnership with the Milano Film Festival